Oct 30, 2010

{Different Brands}

Mia Jafari  has launched a limited edition scarves collection called '' the Ladybirds Love Strawberry Cosmos collection''.
 The collection was inspired by Mia's Iranian roots, as well as her favorite fashion must-haves.
 Mia Jafari scarves are the perfect accessory, whether you wear it hijab style.

 Who needs a Hermes scarf anyway ;) 

*Mia Jafari a lancé une édition limitée de  foulards appelé '' Strawberry Coccinelles Love Cosmos collection''. La collection a été inspirée par les racines iraniennes de Mia. 
Les foulards Mia Jafari sont l'accessoire parfait, si vous portez le Hijab.
Qui a besoin d'un foulard Hermès de toute façon ;)


  1. I love the colours! These scarves are to die for.

  2. I agree with Shahirah. Stunning scarves!! I bought one for my sister actually a few months ago, but now i'm tempted to go and buy myself one also!! If anyone is interested, this is the website which I bought the scarf from: http://www.dia-boutique.com/designers/mia-jafari.html

  3. They kind of resemble Turkish scarves.


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