Dec 14, 2010

{ Stylish Weekend }


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Every culture in this world has something unique to it…..the way of dressing up depends largely on weather, work, and way of living.  

’The Abaya’

One may wonder what is so different when the Arabic Abaya is just the same through out the Arabian countries…..well according to me…there is a slight difference…..The cloth might be of the same colour, same design in many countries...but the way it is worn by the khalijite woman is unique....

Different women usually have different tastes…some prefer to carry a hand bad matching with their Abaya…others take care of shoes…..some even take care of the minutest detail with similar watches, rings and jewelry…(it can even be a mobile cover).

There are many significances of this tradition…the first and the best one according to me is that you are always ready for a party from outside…even when you are wearing a casual easy dress suiting the climate

Many are of the idea that this extra cover might be working like a heater…when the truth is just the contrary…Abaya being a loose worn dress helps the heat to escape easily…and it is actually the tight clothes in which the body temperature rises be it even the lightest of clothes…

And there is no doubt in the fact that every woman with a sound mind, wants to be recognized for what she is…not for how she looks…

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  1. the significance of the black is that it has the opposite effect to any other colour in that it does not attract the eye.

  2. What a lovely description of the abaya.
    The Abaya is the most practical way of wearing hijab and it does keep you cool in summer.

  3. I adore the abaya and I wish I could wear more of it without looking out of place. It can look so elegant and classy if worn the right way. On top of that it is the most modest dress of all due to its simplicity and coverage.

    You look great, Lamia. MashaAllah.

  4. this is u right?? loved the 3abayaa!! yetli fatraa aheb a6la3 bil 3abayaa!! if thats u u look amazing;)

  5. yes, i looooove abaya and yes it's me ;)
    thank you bella <3

  6. Can we share a picture on our Hijab page?


Thank's for your comment ;)

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