Feb 24, 2011

 { Hijab Style Inspiration }

Second pic: Si ollie

 Personally i think that the Malaysian and Indonesian girls are the epitome of fashionable Muslim, 
I like their style hippie chic.
They also have a nice way to wear the veil.
PS: i want a tutorial :(

* Personnellement, je pense que les filles malaisiennes et indonésiennes sont l'incarnation 
de la mode musulmane,
J'aime leur style hippie chic.
Elles ont aussi une belle façon de porter le voile.
PS: je voudrai un tutoriel: (

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  1. they are one of the cutest girls in the world

  2. Salam H&C =) .
    Thank you, oh even i'm not one of the pretty pretty girls :p .
    But hey,visit malaysia & indonesia!we are surely pleasure to share the veils with you =).
    Actly, we are all the same.Muslimah are pretty girls <3 hehe.

    p/s: i'm so sorry for my WEAK english. :p

  3. samaher: you'r right <3

    salam nazira: I will visit inshallah and don't worry, you speak better English than me, i don't speak very well hihi =)


Thank's for your comment ;)

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