Feb 8, 2011

 {Interior Design}

This time i looking at the interior design of the apartment '' Carrie Bradshaw ''
The apartment was supposedly an Upper East Side brownstone at 245 East 73rd Street 
but the actual exterior is a private home at 66 Perry St near Bleecker. 
The interior was created in a studio.
The spaces each character inhabited in the film were a reflection of the characters’ 
core personalities and the transformation in their lives over the past few years.

For more information on furniture click here


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  1. Wow ! You're blog is fantastic !

    Sorry i'm french : Je viens de découvrir ce blog, et il est super! Très bien fait, et agréable! J'adore.


  2. Thank you all ;*
    Orlane: merci beaucoup pr le compliment <3


Thank's for your comment ;)

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