Mar 10, 2011

{ Miss my Father }

Picure credit: Abdullah Alshehri

 March 9 is the exact day that I lost my father, my life has not been the same since.  
Some days it is very hard for me, i feel like i have this huge void in my heart that is heavy.  
I don't know how someone goes on when someone they love so much is taken from them.
 Sometimes I feel like it hasn't happened to us and I pray that I can wake up from this nightmare.
My father had one of the most beautiful death, he died when he was preparing to make the asar prayer and in a mosque.
It was a man loved by many people and many of us have dreamed of him in paradise.
He is happy where he is
Please, we read the Fatiha on his soul and the souls of all Muslims

*Le 9 mars est le jour ou j'ai perdu mon père, ma vie n'a plus été la même depuis.
Certains jours, il est très difficile pour moi, j'ai l'impression d'avoir ce grand vide dans mon cœur qui est si lourd.
Je ne sais pas comment les gens supportent quand quelqu'un qu'ils aiment décède.
Parfois je me dit que c'est juste un rêve et je prie pour que je me réveille de ce cauchemar.

Mon père avait eu l'une des plus belle mort, il est décédé quand il se préparait à faire la prière de 'Asar, et dans une mosquée.Il était un homme aimé par beaucoup de gens et beaucoup d'entre nous ont rêvé de lui dans le paradis.
Il est heureux là où il est.S'il vous plaît, lisons la Fatiha pour son âme et les âmes de tous les musulmans.

اللهم ارحمه تحت الارض واستره يوم العرض ولا تخزه يوم يبعثون  يوم لا ينفع مال ولا بنون الا من اتى الله بقلب سليم
اللهم آميييين

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  1. I reaed al-fatiha for him, your father is a lucky man, he died with the faith to Allah, and this is something very beautiful.
    And you have to be ok (I know that it has to be so hard),bacause insaAllah Allah will give him the paradise. InsaAllah

  2. ameen 7abebti
    i lost my dad when i was 5 i miss remembering him since i only have few memories i can remember

    allah yer7mhom jamee3an

  3. Allah Yarhamu, ya rab. So sorry for your loss.
    I read al-fatiha as you requested.

  4. Innalillah..Im sorry for your loss dear.
    Pray that he'll be together with those who have iman..

  5. Allah yer7ama inshallah o yi'3amid roo7a iljanna

  6. Inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi raji3oun!!
    I will read the fatiha for the marhoum!! I got goosebumps, when I read, where and when he died! Allah loves him!! I hope u will keep ur strength to talk and write bout it!

    A HUGE hug from ur sister Nad!

  7. laila: y r right
    samaher: ohhhh, allah yar7mah :(
    sakina: thank you <3
    nazirah: amiin ya rab
    r.alsharif: amine weya al muslimine
    nad: than: thank you sis
    Thank you so much all :')

  8. alaah yer7emah inshalaah wegamed o7ah iljanaah :*

  9. Allahumaa ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeen:(((

    allah yer7ma weghamid ro7a iljannaa inshallah..weyr7am jamee3 mawtana ilmuslmeen wel muslmaat wel mue'mneen wel mue'mninaat ila7ya' minhum wel amwaaat...

    ma7ad faan kilna binroo7.. akkahuma 7isn ilkhatma

  10. my father passed away on march 11 this year and every second i remember him.alfatihah for your father and mine too.:)

  11. sorry to strong sis
    bought a tear to my eye...being such an emotionally weak person.. The thought of losing a loved ones terrifies me .. though ofcourse i know '' to Allah we belong and to him we shall return''

  12. @najwa: i am sorry sis :(

    Thank you sweet peoples, I am very touched <3

  13. This brought me to tears. Allah yer7meh ya rab w ye'3ammed roo7eh el jannah. IT is one of those hardest things you'd ever have to face. I wouldn't know how it feels to lose a father but I know how ti feels to lose a loved one whom you never thought you'd go through life without them. Be strong and have faith and inshallah Allah reunites you in Paradise.

  14. Rummy: thank you so much sis, I am very touched <3


Thank's for your comment ;)

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