Apr 19, 2011

 { Interview: Rabia Malik }

H&C: Tell us a little bit about you.

RABIA: Well i have been to an Islamic boarding school, and that's where i started covering my self. Since i was a little kid i have been coming to my dad's shop, i've always been interested in what he does and how he works. 
I've always wanted to work with my dad and learn from him, when i finished my studies i came and started working with him, he taught me a lot of things about different designs and cuts colours materials so within a year i had learnt a lot. 
Also within that year which i was learning everything in i launched my own hijab and jilbab collection.

H&C: What made you decide to launch the line?

RABIA: It all started when one of my cousin sister was getting married and everyone in the family where picking there outfits from store and deciding what to wear and when it was my turn to pick i didn't like anything, not because i didn't like the outfits but because it just wasn't me. 
That when i decided to tell my dad that i want to make a jilbaab, i got an idea in my head but i don't no if its going to work that's when i explained to him the type of jilbab i wanted, he liked my idea and we put pen to paper and designed it. 
It took 4 weeks to make an i was pleased with the outcome it came out so beautiful. so when i wore this to my cousins wedding everyone loved what i was wearing and every to minutes there was someone coming to me and saying where i got it made from and how they want one to. 
That's when i actually decided that this is what i really want to do design jilbabs. 
I spoke to my dad about this and he was very keen on the idea and trusted me.
That's when we launched the hijab and jilbab collection which has been a great success.

H&C: What are the difficulties you've encountered?
RABIA: Yes in the beginning i did come across a few challenges when i was designing these jilbabs it always did not come out 100%. Some came out better then you expect and some just did not do justice. sometimes it was the wrong fabric that i had suggested or colour. But i have overcome my problems i know what fabrics and embroideries are best for jilbabs.  

H&C: What kind of women do you design for? 
RABIA: We cater for any type of women cover up or not weather your young or middle aged.
I was mindful to ensure all the garments could be worn by any age group. I’ve made every hijab and jilbab different – some are heavier than others and some are brighter. I didn't want anyone to feel restricted within my collection. 

H&C: What materials do you use and how do these fit with the overall image of your brand?

RABIA: This collection is mainly for evening wear – for events such as weddings and parties. I wanted to do something that no one had seen before. My aim was to make each outfit stand out, so each piece is completely unique with intricate detailing. The only guideline I gave myself was to ensure my designs represented a modern Arabic look.The types of fabrics that we used were mostly georgette, crepe and silk. We used soft and free-flowing fabrics when making these garments – it was important to me that a variety of fabrics were used

H&C: We look forward to your online shop,will be soon??

RABIA: Inshallah the online shop will be launched very soon 

H&C: Do you have any secret dreams for the future? 
 RABIA: Well i definitely want to make my brand a well known brand in the middle east so i am working toward that at the moment. :)

We wish you great success. 

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  1. beautiful interview :d like her desinges:D

  2. Her designs are absolutely beautiful and breathtaking! Perfect for a wedding :)

  3. these designs are truly stunning and the work speaks for itself, however i dont mean to sound negative when i say this but i feel like there is restrictions within these designs as they look like they are for slim ladies with good figures, it wouldnt support someone healthier as perhaps the cuts or designs wont be flattering to their figures. also, hijab n jilbabs are for covering up, not showing figures as thats the reason we wear them.


Thank's for your comment ;)

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