May 3, 2011

{ Hats With Hijab }

Who like the dress kate middelton was wearing on her wedding day? personally i don't like!

She looked beautiful, but i think i was expecting just a little bit more of a "wow''... 
I thought it would be a little more flashy and modern, it didn't stand out, and seemed like a typical 
wedding gown, nothing regal at all about it.

I don't have any comments to do about the ugly hats :$

Victoria Beckham,Tara Parker, Zara Phillips, Eugenie, Beatrice, Amira al taweel.

Dubai world cup 2011

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  1. Of course the hats wich are on the photos aren't beautiful, they are as you say ugly, hehe but I saw other hats wich are, well, a bit beautiful :)
    And the dress of Kate, well, yes it wasn't modern, but I like it, I like more the lace she wore as a "jacket" (for say something) well maybe it's because I like typical and romantic dresses for weddings.

    Hugs, Laila

    PD: Like the Hats with hijabs photos :)

  2. I was actually dumb founded to see the dress. It costs a two digit thousand number but yet I just found it to be normal. I mean I know it's Alexander McQueen and all that but really seriously? I was expecting something of a flare that beats Princess Diana's dress.

    And the hats are just plain awful..!! A big no no to those hats, reminds me of Lady Gaga.

  3. I personally loved the dress, the veil and hair. I'm delighted she brought back elegance and class.

  4. I liked the simplicity of her dress but she could have looked better! I really hope I dont start seeing hijabies wearing hats on their hijab :P
    unless someone manages to do it elagantely!

  5. I really loved Kate's dress, but then again I see what you mean. I was expecting a WOW factor as well. I thought the hats were unique in different ways. But I love the photos with the hats incorporated with the hijabs! Now that is interesting. xoxo!

  6. i dont like hats with hijab, hijab itself covers the head :P


Thank's for your comment ;)

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