Jul 8, 2011

{ Dresses Inspiration }

I was watching Euronews when suddenly i notice a sumptuous girl, wearing a beautiful Caftan in soft tones 
(wedding Albert & Charlen). 

After some internet research, i discovered that it's a princess of the royal family of Morocco, she is called Soukaina the daughter of Lalla Meryem the sister of the King.

Lalla Meryem, known for her extreme elegance, sent its predisposition on the matter to his daughter 25 years, undoubtedly one of the finest women to have walked the red carpet of the Prince's Palace in Monaco.

What do you think of the moroccan caftan?




*Je regardais Euronews quand soudain je remarque une fille somptueuse, vêtue d'un caftan dans des tons tendres.
(Mariage d'Albert & Charlen).

Après quelques recherches sur internet, j'ai découvert que c'est une princesse de la famille royale du Maroc, elle se nomme Soukaina la fille de Lalla Meryem
sœur du roi.

Lalla Meryem, réputée pour son extrême élégance, a transmis ses prédispositions en la matière à sa fille de 25 ans, incontestablement l'une des plus belles femmes à avoir foulé le tapis rouge du Palais princier à Monaco

Que pensez-vous du caftan marocain?

Lalla Soukaina with her mother Lalla Meryem

I'll let you watch a video of Haute Couture Caftan 2011

Caftans are made ​​with lines of gold, silk, and Swarovski pearl.

 Amazing Collection 4:57

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  1. So lovely!
    I think non-Muslims would be surprised to see that Muslim royalty wear 'modest' robes like that. It's important for them to understand the importance of culture and the desire that these women have to uphold it.

    I am not familiar with the term 'Lalla', is it a title? Sorry...

  2. Salam Sakina,

    In the Moroccan constitution,there's no Queen,ther is just the wife of the King.

    "Lalla" means "Lady" or "Madame" and all the princess understood the king's wife is named lalla! :)

  3. Oh, I see. Thank you!
    I learn something everyday hehe :)

  4. Salaam,

    Très beau caftan effectivement, sobre et chic à la fois. Le jaune en haut est magnifique également. Merci pour ce partage.

  5. the dresses really look stunning but it seems to be only for TALL people lol.is this caftan another version of abaya??


  6. salam.
    I'm from morocco & happy to see our traditional dress on your lovely blog. Caftan isn't a "modest" wear as miss Sakina thought. It's an elegant outfit we wear in all occasions. it's all hand made likepiece of art. that's why even our pricess proudly wear whenever they go. If any one wants more information you can ask me.

  7. i just love the nude kaftan , elegant!

  8. Salam Farsilla,
    mmm,the abaya can be worn day and night and the caftan is worn to special events :)

    Meriem: Thank you for this information sis :)

    Thank you all :***

  9. In the moroccan constitution all the princess should wear the traditional style of caftan..Lalla sokaina is the only one of the grandchildren of Hassan II to have the title of princess.. She is so elegant :)

  10. These dresses are unbelievably gorgeous! xox

  11. Hello, love your Blog & every single thing about it, i would like to ask about the designers in this fashion show, how can i buy from them, do they have shops or they custom make their design each Kaftan, and maybe some of the lovely morocan ladies here can answer me if they have any information.
    Thank you and keep up the good work

  12. Salam,Thank you for your sweet comment!!

    For the first video, it's the designer siham habti, this is her link:http://www.sihamelhabti.com/.

    Zineb lyoubi idrissi: http://zineblyoubiidrissi.com/

    Kacem sahl (second video 4:57)don't have a website


Thank's for your comment ;)

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