Aug 12, 2011



I'm a huge fan of Freej since day one! I'm really happy that it's back this Ramadan and a bit sad when I heard it may be the last season =( .
The show is as successful and as amazing as it has always been. Lovely topics & impressive as always.
I think by far most its the only show i look forward to, Looking forward to the rest of the episodes.

 Here is a very funny episode, just killing me XD
FREEJ Season start every day on Sama Dubai 8pm( United Arab Emirates)!
 See the video online
Enjoy and Ramadan Kareem!

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  1. شوي حنان على شوي امان واكيد بيطول ههههههههههه
    ‎أفكار حلوة

  2. I can't understand it. They seem to be making fun of religion? What are they wearing on their face?

  3. DINA: LOOL :D
    SOUND SCHOOLING: They seem to be making fun of religion? NO NO :$ Freej means 'Neighbourhood' in the Khaleeji dialect and would tell the comic story of four old ladies living in a small traditional neighbourhood in the outskirts of the city of Dubai.they talk about marriage in this episode.
    it's a burqua, is the metallic coloured object used to cover part of the face, and these days is only used by the older generation - this is specific to the UAE.

  4. lov the kaftans.. so pretty and hope u ramadhan is going well


Thank's for your comment ;)

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