Aug 27, 2011

{ Kuwaiti Dress }

I am in love with kuwaiti dresses. they bring the modern European look and infuse it with Middle Eastern designs.
  Unfortunately, these dresses are too expensive.
 For me who lives in Switzerland, I find that the prices are exaggerated.
  Dresses (or dara3a) start at 500 $, and with shipping it cost me 600 $.

I would ask  kuwaiti women if these prices are expensive in Kuwait or normal ????

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  1. The dresses are so beautiful! :D I love them, but as you said they're so expensive :(

  2. i think its a bit pricey too specially its not a brand

  3. They are more or less the same price in kuwait...especially in Ramadan

  4. Expensive but so beautiful - a delight!

  5. Hello :) I'm a Kuwaiti girl and I too think they're pretty expensive but there are other designers who follows the same concept with reasonable prices. I love Muhra's Darra'as but I think they are priced like that because of their material and amazing designs.

  6. do you know The Haifa Kaftans are similar and the prices are a bit lower.

  7. Her: yes, i like muhra very chic and glamour.Share with me some links please of other designers.

    Bosnishmuslima: yes i know the site,it's very nice, but the choice is very limited, and also expensive with shipping :(

  8. it depends some are very expensive and some are well priced bes shda3wa il shipping 600$!! no 7araam!!

  9. its an old post, but I was just going through your blog,
    I am Kuwaiti and yes we find them expensive, but the problem is ,we know they are produced in small quantities, and the fabric is pretty expensive if they are going to mix and match fabrics, they buy it from the market, retail price and the tailor and the place they will showcase their items, it all costs money

  10. I agree, they are very expensive especially here in Dubai
    One dress is like 1800 dhs which is too much for an ordinary business (not a brand e.g. chanel, D&G or so...)

    I agree with you in this point

    Check out my blog:


Thank's for your comment ;)

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