Sep 6, 2011

{ Different Brand: Demure Look }

 Tell us a little bit about your background. 

I'm 36 years old. Live in the UK. Married for 12 years and have a 7 year old little naughty princess 


What made you decide to launch the line? 
Demure Look started because of my passion for silk scarves and accessories. 
I wanted to share this passion, benefits of silk and naturally grown products with fellow ladies. (you can read all info regarding the benefits of Silk here

Demure look scarf, don't use my Pictures without  my permission.

 What inspired and who influenced you? 

I was wearing silk scarves when I came to the UK and I had a lot of questions and compliments regarding these by ladies from all sorts of backgrounds. Where I bought them from, how nice they looked, the quality softness etc.
When I wanted to buy some myself I saw that silk products were either very expensive, rare to find or just seen as a luxury item -  though I knew that they could be supplied for more affordable prices and it has a lot of benefits to our health. All these experiences made me search for affordable quality products and share it with other ladies all over the world too.

 What materials do you use and how do these fit with the overall image of your brand?

Our main material for our scarves is silk. Demure Looks first aim is to bring fashionable unique pieces which also have some sort of benefit to their user. We recently introduced handbags on our website as well and we again try to bring the best quality products with these too. 

Demure look scarf on the emel magazines

  What kind of women do you design for? 

We select our designs for ladies from all different backgrounds. We as Demure Look source the world's finest materials mainly naturally grown with the most beautiful designs to create a collection which is pure luxury at affordable prices. Our scarf designs are elegant, trendy but classic as well as chic that can be worn in a professional, elegant or casual environment. We strive ourselves to offer designs covering timelessness; ranging from simplicity to sophistication.

  Can you tell us a little about your upcoming collections? 

The spring summer collection is all about colours, floral, animal prints and chain designs. We will also be adding a range called Palace Series very soon.  These cover designs from the Ottoman Civilization era.

It is my dream though to bring out a complete collection of our own as Demure Look and we work hard towards fulfilling this dream J

Demure look scarf, don't use my Pictures without my permission.

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