Sep 24, 2011

{ Flora by Gucci }

I've been a muse of Gucci for one day (my friend's wedding) 
Now that I received the perfume as a gift from my husband, 
I'll start to dance in the fields of flower :D

The hints of sandalwood, citrus, peony, rose, pink pepper,  
give this perfume a beautiful lasting fragrance. 
If you enjoy these scents, then Flora perfume by Gucci just might be what you’re looking for.

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  1. Oh very beautiful photos! :)
    It smells well? maybe I shoul think to buy it! heheh

  2. Looks like someone became a Gucci model :p gorgeous!

  3. Beautiful!
    You made it? Hehe It's so cute that the pattern matches perfectly! :)


  4. Couldve fooled me! It looked like the real thing :)

    - formerly

  5. Thank you ladies for your sweet comments :*


Thank's for your comment ;)

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