Oct 14, 2011

{ Celebrity with Hijab: Kim & Kris in Dubai }

Nabrman Abaya

 It appears that Kim Kardashian wanted to embrace culture through her dress sense and donned a burqa while out in Dubai yesterday. 

 Kim and her mother Kris had headed into a traditional dress shop ''Nabrman''
to try on the styles for themselves and both women wasted no time embracing the religious outfits.

Newlywed Kim covered her body completely, with her face covered by the niqāb, the pillar-box covering that leaves only a woman’s eyes on show.

The look was in stark contrast to the outfit Kim had arrived in, which consisted of a black skirt nipped in at the waist and a sheer black and white blouse.

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  1. shklha wayid stupid... seriously it shows the extent reality stars will go to make fortune and increase media publicity & from a sex scandal to "trying" to adopt arab culture...what non-sense. I don't think its appropriate to post this in a this blog. This blog is for mt7jaba if it was a fashion blog 3adi bs 7ijab is about modesty not such people

  2. she looks like an imarati :P

  3. Why put a pic of an anti-Muslim/Turkish girl. Show gorgeous Muslim women instead :)
    Ps. She looks Arabic, and looks pretty.

  4. Lool, why why why!!! because i prefere kim with 3abaya and sheila instead of a short skirt, and this is called ''Be Covered''and it can be shared on this blog :)

  5. I think she rocked the look better than I could! haha but justnoon is right, she does look imarati.. but she wears it beautifully! By the way, I mentioned your blog in one of my posts, be sure to check it out :) xo


Thank's for your comment ;)

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