May 12, 2012

Turban Tutorial }

Soon as I put the turban on my head I immediately felt Aunt Jemima :D
You know the friendly lady with his turban !
I must admit that I have try several kind of turban, but they are often complicated and gives me not satisfaction.

This one is very easy.

For have a perfect style turban you will add volume, otherwise the result is not pretty,
we want a result like this and not like that.
You can add the hairstyling ring ( this is what i use since always, here, here, here........and the list goes on :)

If you don't have it use just a scarf and wrap your bun.
Personally i don't use flower clip-shabasa, because I simply don't like it 
sometimes gives a result too big and not natural.

Then put your ninja hijab. Unfortunately the ninja hijab 
are not sold much in Europe or in our country, it is a style came from Asia.
but you can order it online or put a hijab amira.

I wear hijab ninja from Maysaa

And Pleaaaaaaaase, if you want try this style cover your neck, it's much better, and mainly that it is compulsory.

I wear the turban Tip #3 on video, thank's to Ascia to share this tutorial with us.

Fifi Alvianto from


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  1. Love this- a nice retro/vintage look.

    So, should we start calling you Aunt Jemima now? :)

  2. Yaaaaay, awesome dear.
    like she said maryam it's very vintage look, i am in love <3 <3 <3

  3. you look pretty; i like the idea, very creative

  4. Maryam: haha why not, I must to take some kilos lol ;)

    Mouna: merci sweety <3

    Alia: Thank you dear <3

  5. Magnifique ! Cela te va très bien, c'est original et classe !

  6. turbans look terrible on me :P

  7. Wandered over by way of Kulsum's blog and I'm so glad I did! I've never seen anyone rock a turban as well as you do :) I would totally try this look except I'd look less like a fashionista and more like Aunt Jemima :)

  8. who is the female in the video doing the turban? whats her name??


Thank's for your comment ;)

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