Aug 5, 2012

Muslimah Style }

Ramadan Kareem, everyone! I hope you find peace and happiness with your family and friends.
I am one of person who loves to wear the traditional during Ramadan, but i am in love with Rawan style's, she is so sweet Mashallah.

I love how she combines colors, accessories...
Here some pictures taken specially for Hijabs & co 

And You, What Are You Wearing this Season??

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  1. Ramadan kareem.
    Beautiful outfits. I like the beige blazer & the mint skirt.

  2. I've been keeping it super simple this Ramadan (also b/c I'm in Saudi). I have been wearing my abayas and finding the best way to add on to all that black is through your accessories - most importantly with my purses and shoes.

  3. i love this style

  4. Ramadan kareem Lamia !

    Very nice !

  5. lovely dress, where i can get it ?

  6. Salam, thank you all and Ramadan Kareem

    Sippingchai: this is the best solution :)

    Anonymous: Sorry, I don't know, maybe rawan can help you :)

  7. wonderful :)

    salam from germany

  8. i love rawan! and ofcourse love what shes wearing!

    i usually always wear whites, beige and nudes, not to much color in my closet

  9. Rawan say it's from tailored :)

    Thank's lina for your comment.

    Justoon: Just like me :)


Thank's for your comment ;)

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