Oct 18, 2012

Fashion Inspiration 2012 }

I am an avid book,

I have been an avid reader since early childhood.
 I always loved and looked forward to visiting the public and school libraries.
My night table always has three or four books stacked on it.

 I´m just fascinated about reading, the words and how can they mean certain feelings or expressions without duplicity of meanings
There's always something profound and magical about a good book.

Reading opened up new experiences for me, i can travel to different cultures,
different times without leaving the comfort of my chair.
I meet all sorts of interesting characters, get caught up in hilarious or
Dangerous situations and every day gain a different perspective of how people view the world.
 In my opinion there is nothing better than a good book.

I like all kinds of books, very classic like Books of 19th Century like Guy de Maupassant, Baudelaire, 18th century like Voltaire 20 th century like Camus or fantastique like Harry Potter,

I read the book for the first time at the tender age of 12. (1998, it was the first French edition of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, 3 years before the adaptation to the cinema)  It was love at first chapter.

All writers know that a fantasy world is difficult to create from scratch because it requires an especially unfettered imagination.
Such a world, however, has no boundaries and is not confined to the physical limitations of the real world.
In other words, the writer can pretty much do whatever he or she wants.

So Please sapre me the fact Harry Potter is only a children's book.

The story, although aimed at children at the beginning, had very adult themes.

Death, especially the loss of a parent or child, was virtually unheard of in children's fiction but Rowling changed that when she bravely tackled the subject with refreshing honesty.

Maybe volume 1 is  a children's book. Volume 7 is very, very far.

The books in their entirety focus on one rather conspicuous theme; love for family, and most importantly, for a mother.

What makes these books so wonderful is the second message they spread; to do right even in the face of adversity.

I speak here of literature.
The films are, for me, well below the books. Like most film adaptations of literary success.

Those who have seen the movies without having read the books probably did not understand HP,
50% of the history is deleted in movies (it's normal, otherwise you end up with a movie that lasts 6 hours)

As told j.w. eagan ''Never judge a book by its movie''

Fashion has been very Harry Potter this year,

British brand Burberry was inspired by the four Hogwarts house, and many many owls



The famous round glasses made ​​popular due to Harry Potter (and may also be Johnny Depp)

And not forgetting Louis Vuitton which was inspired by Hogwart's Express.

I really disliked this eccentric collections, nearly unwearable on the runway.
 I can’t believe no one’s called him out on that sh**t yet, with the nutty hats and bizarre sunglasses.

Louis Vuitton

Strangely, it's make me think the style of the Grandmother of Neville Longbottom, Hahahaha


Rochas Fall 2012 was inspired by the Professor Trelawney, LOL

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  1. HP are really one of my favourite fantasy books, I especially love the 7th volume, I think it's the best!

  2. I loved them in my pree-teens and still liked them in my teens. But now when reading them again in my early twenties I see loads of flaws that I didn´t notice back then. (And also some minor mistakes, since Rowling seems to have forgotten certain things she wrote in the first books in the last books.) But I think they did quite a good job with the movies, except offcourse Hermiones promdress(!)

    I´ve also discovered there is a whole WORLD of Harry Potter-fanfictions! All from REALLY crappy to OUTSTANDING and from one side to endless chapters. It´s so interesting as you see everyones own interpretations when building on her idéas freely. Have not written any myself yet though, LOL.

    I remember mum brought me the second book first because she didn´t know it was the second, so I started with that. I thought I would not like it though. But I was spellbound at first chapter, LOL! Then it was something special to get to read the first book while others waited for the third.

    1. Agree with you, the fact that a minor mistakes about the the first books.
      Personally I have not read any fanfiction, but I wrote my own fanfiction ( 2 chapter lol) . :D

  3. Actually I just got an idéa for a fanfiction-story when looking at your nice picture of yourself(?) in school-uniform and a matching veil. (Did you see yourself in Huffelpuff? I like those people aswell.) The Hogwarts-castle with it´s old magic reminds me of medieval times and that women in the west (most christian and jewish women of that time) used to wear veils and even face-veils when travelling. So I thought I would do a fanfiction built on my idéa that veils are a part of that Hp-magic-world-culture, like it was in many old cultures of our world. Although just worn by some modest girls and women who choosed to veil. (And offcourse explain that in the opening.)

    I thought it was a great idéa for a fanfiction that Hermione came with a faceveil to the ball. It fits with the original story also; at first Harry did not recognise her and I added my idéa that she maybe did not want to be recongized. (Because then all the jealous girls would have no clue who she was plus she would not have to be all famous after the ball.)

    Then I thought she could have two prom-outfits and when she went away from Krum to see her friends she could go change somewhere first. I don´t know if I would like to write she used to wear a veil, but just over her hair or she did not wear a veil at all usually. Tell me what you think about these idéas. Have anyone written a fanfiction when you got your own fantasy working after reading a book? Or maybe something inspired by a book, but not with the world created in that book as a base?

    1. Yeahh, it's an interesting story, why not !
      As I said in previous message I have not read any fanfiction, but I wrote my own fanfiction ( 2 chapter ).
      I wanted the story continues, based on the end of the books.
      To reply to your question, I am registered 2 times on Pottermore, and the Hat Sent Me 2 times In Gryffindor lol

    2. I think I will go for it and some other idéas for other fanfictions, could be fun to try:) What is your fanfiction called?? I´d be happy to read it if you have published it? Thought that picture was your imagination of yourself as a Hogwartz-student! Yellow is the colour of Hufflepuff right? Did you make it or did you just find it somewhere? It was very nice to see a Hijabi in the Hp-world:D

      Personally I don´t like the end chapter in the last book. I think it should have been left out/(no epilog at all) so that everyone could have imagined the end for themselves. It´s like a paperback novel/ hollywood movie-end- she made it too easy for herself there, according to me. I actually felt sorry for Hermione when she was doomed to marry Ron. I could understand they had a chrush on eachother- that´s only natural when a guy and a girl are spending so much time together. In the real world she would have had a chrush on Harry also at some point. Rowling actually says she intended for Harry to marry Hermione and that´s why there was so much "unexplained chemistry" between them in the first books. But then she changed her mind when she thought Ron and Hermione instead. I thinks Hermione is like one of the BEST female characters in the books and she deserves to marry someone much better than Ron. As for Harry and Ginny, many argued she was too much of a player for him -and she was. But on the other hand so was Cho-she had ATLEAST as many guys as Ginny.

      Rowling also just invented some new characters in the last minute to marry some of the most well-known characters, which offcourse was a dissapointment to many fans! If I was not an open endings-type I would have rewritten an ending that I thought fitted and posted it on every fanfictions-site:) LOL

  4. It's been ages since my last visit to your blog :)...
    Nice post,I would have never thought of Harry Poter VS Fashion :)!Very nice post!XO

  5. Qu'est ce que j'ai aimé ces bouquins ! Je les ai lus plutôt tard (quelques mois après la sortie française du prince de sang mêlé, j'avais 22 ans à l'époque et même si les 2 premiers tomes sont plutôt enfantins, ils restent très plaisants à lire, même pour des adultes. Et j'aime beaucoup également les adaptations cinématographiques(On vient d'ailleurs d'acheter le coffret Blu-ray des 8 films, on a revu les 2 premiers, j'ai hâte de revoir les autres), même si des gros morceaux de l'histoire ont été tronqués à partir du tome 4 (les 3 premiers restent plutôt fidèles je trouve).


Thank's for your comment ;)

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