Nov 16, 2013

{ London: Hyde Park 

One of the largest parks in London and one of the Royal Parks, 
Hyde Park is a great place to spend a sunny autumn afternoon on foot, bike.

Take in the changing leaves: bright yellows, blazing oranges, and fiery reds. 
Bring some peanuts to feed the friendly squirrels; 
they will practically come take the peanuts from your hand!

About this picture:

I was walking quietly in Hyde Park, and there,

 I see this silhouette of veiled woman with her abaya, which flew through the air. 

I immediately liked this scene in front of me.

I put my bag down, and I take my camera quickly and I shooted several photos including this one.

I don't know this women, but if you know her, said to her that this capture is my best catch of 2013. 

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  1. Beautiful photography

  2. Beautiful pictures! The last one is the best, an instant moment captured.


  3. Awesome!!!
    great pics, favorited the last one..


Thank's for your comment ;)

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