Mar 11, 2014

{  Acacia label 

Hello wonderful readers, I hope you are well and that you have a rewarding week ahead.

Unfortunately, I don't post much on my blog, 
I'm VERY busy, and now I have just returned from Turkey.

I hope to share some pictures with you soon, 
meanwhile you can still take a look at Instagram.

Anyway, I'm addicted to finding options for great sewing for me, 
but I 'm really worried about buying dresses custom made, 
I had bad experiences in the past, the quality wasn't what I expected and measures were really off.

Acacia surprised me with the fabric quality and craftsmanship . 
They can create your model in all colors, fabrics , 
along with other ideas and images of tissue samples and colors.

Acacia label is about 3 years old, they started in early 2011 and has offices in both Perth, 
Australia and Ras Alkhaimah , UAEthe Perth office is administrative rather than the UAE being the headquarters office operating system where the dresses are in preparation .

They started doing the typical shalwar kameez but soon realized that it is actually put at the muslimah fashion - the evolution of the brand is quite evident in the type of dresses they used to offer in the early days of today.

The embroideries are hand made , the fabric is a high quality , and customer service are amazing.

The dress I'm wearing today is gorgeous, very fluid and very comfortable, made with velvet and handmade embroidery. 

I'm really in love.

I was very happy to be in contact with them, 
I want to thank Omer , the artistic director of the house to have patience with me.

Ps: La robe est de couleur verte, mais bizarrement sur les photos donne une couleur bleue

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