Nov 10, 2016

 SkinCare: Halal Momohime Japan }  

It's been almost 1 year since my last Post.
For some, that means they have arrived here hoping to read  something new 
(I know you are out there, my Google Analytics  says so :D), for that I'm sorry.
For others, they arrived, read through a few pages (or more) and didn't even notice.
I have missed blogging though.
I am here today to present you a brand I have never used earlier. 

It's a Japanese brand ( And you know how i love Japan) that is certified halal. 

Why? The range is not tested on animals and is cruelty free, and all products are free of any animal components and by-products.

Free alcohol, Free Pork & Free Chemical product.

I was incredibly happy with Momohime skincare products I tried and would definitely recommend them. 

They smelled beautiful and felt great on my skin – light and fresh are the two words that keep coming to kind. 

And knowing their ingredients are certified organic and free from animal testing/products important to me. 

Momohime skincare line was newly released in March, 2016 by PBJ Inc.

PBJ Inc. is owned by Japanese Muslim couple, MariyaUmar Kobayashi, originated in fruit and vegetable store started by current owner’s grandfather more than 80 years ago in Tokyo.

When They have lived in Indonesia & Singapore, they realized that Japanese cosmetics, safe and high-quality, are needed and started planning of producing such products. 

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Though associating with Muslim people, they were touched by their way of living

and thinking, so they started studying Islam, and finally, reverted to Muslim.

Momohime is a all made in Japan, including ingredients, containers, and boxes, to maintain high-quality and safety. 

Also, they used peach leaves, fruit, and seeds extracts,

which have long been valued as natural moisturizers in Japan.

The products are sold in drug stores and beauty salon in Japan and to be exported to foreign countries shortly. 

In Japan, Halal is getting recognized gradually among Japanese and they deem Halal products are safe and clean to everyone. 

As Momohime skincare products are free of alcohol, animal-derived ingredients, paraben, oil-based surfactant, and other stimulating ingredients.

It is getting popular among Japanese ladies having sensitive skin

Also, increasing number of Muslim people is visiting Japan lately and I hope Momohime could be a good Japanese souvenir for them.

Currently, they produced face wash, toner, and gel cream, which won the best product award

Mariya & Umar Kobayashi Winning The Best Product Award.

 In the near future, they will release white essence, BB cream, cleansing gel, and beauty night cream. 

You can shop online and on several outlets in Japan, but soon Inchallah,
they will start selling them in foreign countries.

Thank you Maria for making me know your fabulous products.

“We will be the pioneer of high-quality Japanese Halal skincare products.”

All the pictures was taken at Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel At Interlaken, Switzerland.

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