Aug 22, 2011

{ Interior Design }

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  1. I just loveee this girl
    she is such a beauty and great apartment:)

  2. OH so beautiful! I adore her looks, how she dress, and now I like the way she decorates her appartament, It's so beautiful! :D

    PD: How is your Ramadan going?

  3. Love! The red and white dresser is the best.
    HOw do you find these things?

  4. I love this :) I am also in the process of moving out to a new apartment on my own for the first time and was looking around for some inspiration! Thanks for this wonderful post.

  5. Soso: Thank you <3

    Laila: Thank you <3, The days are very long :$. BAS ALHAMDOLILAH 3ALA KOULI 7AL, and in spain??

    Sakina: Yes, it makes me think "Niki Jones Dresser" :D

    Shaima: Mabrook on the new apartment,Must feel great!!! you can watch the decoration of the film Sex and the City
    Or this beautiful house in Chicago Good Luck :)

  6. I love her apartment! It's so simple to take inspiration from!


Thank's for your comment ;)

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