Aug 18, 2011

{ I Love Tea }

I don't like cofee, I love tea and drink lots of it every day. 
When I'm sad i drink tea,
when i am happy i drink tea, when i am bored i drink tea. ^.^
 And you, do you like tea or coffee??

**Je n'aime pas le café, J'aime beaucoup le thé et j'en bois beaucoup 
Quand je suis triste je bois du thé,
Quand je suis heureuse je bois du thé, quand je m'ennuie je bois du thé. ^.^
Et vous, aimez vous le thé ou le café ??

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  1. Wow what beautiful teacups you have. I prefer tea too. However, we like milk-tea on my side of the world. Boil milk, add loose lipton tea, some cinnamon, cardamom, a few fennel seeds and voila! you have the perfect spiced milk tea on the planet :D


  2. Donc pour moi c'est le thé quand il fait chaud et le matin pour être éveiller ,le café. Voila tout =) saha ramdankoum

  3. NAM:Oh Tea with milk, i have already drink it in india,i really love spiced tea but without milk ;)

    Anonymous: Ramadan moubarak ma soeur :)

    Nazira: Great :)

  4. i love your pictures :D and i love coffee more, i rarely drink tea, but i have to have mint with my tea so i would be able to drink it all :D

  5. Salaam,

    Thé sans hésitation ! Thé vert à la menthe, thé massala et thé noir à la bergamote sont mes préférés !

  6. Tosss, I love tea too..:)

  7. Tea is a favourite definitely every time of the day.
    Lovely cups you have there!

  8. Ohh the Thea is the winner lol
    Thank you all for your comments :*

  9. fabulous tea glasses, I am in love with them!


Thank's for your comment ;)

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