Oct 21, 2011

{ Kuwaiti Dress II }

During the month of Ramadan I send a message to Trtr home, to ask them if they deliver to Switzerland and the price for this dress (which was burgundy).

I really love this dress but as I mentioned in another article, it's very very very expensive,
I still do not understand how these dresses can be expensive  :(

Dress: 220 KD = 797 $ + 181 $ (cost shipping)

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  1. It's such a gergeean dara3a! And you're right some of them are over priced but sometimes if you buy cloth and take it to a good tailor you end up with a gorgeous dress that you designed yourself :D

  2. Yeeh they are expensive , and trust me we have to keep a Speacial budget for only Ramathan dresses

  3. R.alsharif: It would be nice,but I don't live in Kuwait :(

    NewQ8: Ohhh, I understand better now!

  4. Unfortunate it's quite expensive because the dress is really beautiful.


Thank's for your comment ;)

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